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Providing Actionable Intelligence by extracting maximum information

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RF is not dead....   Our SIGINT tools intercept, collect, classify, analyze, fingerprint and decode THREE TIMES MORE target signals than any other software. A trusted partner advancing SIGINT and Electronic Warfare, COMINT Consulting deploys the most sophisticated Signals Intelligence software available today. LEARN MORE >>


With over 4000 precision classifiers, hundreds of decoders and a user-friendly interface, our decoding suites set high standards for today’s SIGINT operators.


Data sheets, white papers, press releases and more. A wealth of information at your fingertips about our software and what sets us apart.


From RF environment surveys to custom decoding services to training - we do it all! Access our Tactical SIGINT expertise by using our services.

From A to Z

  • Serving the professional SIGINT market
  • Delivering maximum Actionable Intelligence
  • Active supporter of the Electronic Warfare community
  • SIGINT and COMINT training services
  • Tools for all platforms - land, air and sea
  • Manned, unmanned and clandestine operations
  • All-in-one decoder suites with basic and advanced COMINT tools
  • The most advanced, real-time, precision signals classification
  • Custom Decoder Development and Signals Analysis Services
  • 12x more new decoders added each year than all other companies combined
  • Built-in support for National and International standards - VITA49, MidasBlue, DoD RedHawk SDR and more